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 George Papalexandratos    Xenia Papalexandratou-Mangou    Tassos Papalexandratos

Resident of Kos
Graduate of Sivitanidios School
(Designer & Decorator).
Age: 63 years old.
Experience: 33 years as Designer-Decorator.
23 years as realtor.
31 years as constructor of buildings.
Activities: Projects of decoration.
Architectural plans for interior and exterior designs
Construction of private buildings
Working as realtor since 1989
Foreign languages:
English (quite good)
French (excellent – certificat de langue Française)


Resident of Kos
Civil Engineer (University of Crete)
Age: 39 years old
Experience: 9 years as realtor and Civil Engineer.
Foreign languages:
English (good) (Lower of Cambridge University).


Resident of Purgos-Kos
Architect (University of Rome- La Sapiensa & University of Athens- Metsovio)
Member of Greek Valuation Institute Building Inspector A class. Number. entries: 669 (Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change)

Age: 40 years old

8 years as a freelance in design-construction-supervision decorations of private projects
Foreign languages:
English (good).
Italian (excellent-Universita di Perugia-Lingua Italiana)

Michalis Mangos    


Resident of Kos
Electrical Engineer (Higher Institute of Technology, TEI Kozani)
Age: 42 years old
Experience: Installer Electrician Solar Control and Safety Systems, scholar Electrical Installations.
Foreign languages:
English (good) (Lower of Cambridge University).
German (good) Grundstuffe Certificat Goethe Institut.